Create Raving Fans via CX Mapping

Leaders in the New Economy must orient their companies to identify all customer touch points in every work category within their organizations, creating innovative processes which MAP to the customer experience. Then, each mapped process must be tested refined and improved before formal implementation. Enduring companies today have the Customer Experience at the core of what they do, and have customer experience mapping processes in place to prove it.

Many newer companies like Zappos, Airbnb, Under Armour, LinkedIn, and many others have discovered what Disney, Harley – Davidson, Ritz Carlton, Starbucks, and Sewell Cadillac have known for decades. If your company is not re-engineering all work processes targeting the Customer Experience, it will not be innovating and creating solutions that make loyal customers want to return time and again, creating enduring value for decades to come.

Today’s Leader in the New Economy will be passionate about designing processes in all functional areas of the company which MAP to the customer experience. This passion for the customer should be evident from the first touch, be it web visit, advertisement, social media site, word of mouth, telephone call in, or personal visit at the company location.

EVERYTHING the company does, including answering phones, taping boxes, cutting checks and sweeping the floor, should reflect the desire to please the customer, and have a well define process map pointing in that direction.

It’s a great objective and worthy of our time and consideration as Leaders in the New Economy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.