EPISODE 6 - Leading High Performance Cohesive Teams

In this episode of CEO Brain Food, Michael breaks down the components necessary to lead high performing cohesive teams. Michael identifies the importance of hiring the right people, emotional intelligence, and being present as three key factors in developing high-functioning teams. Finally, Michael lists six crucial points for leading cohesive teams. These include having a set number of KPIs (key performance indicators), ongoing training, and decision-making authority, among others.

EPISODE 5 - Business Acceleration by Design

In this episode of CEO Brain Food, Michael discusses the concept of business acceleration by design. Specifically, Michael identifies Exponential Organizations, or EXOs, such as Amazon, Google, Uber and Intel and provides examples on how each is growing their business in unprecedented ways. He talks about the importance of cash as a vehicle for business growth and identifies the four components of the cash conversion cycle. Finally, Michael lists the eleven main attributes of an EXO company, which range from algorithms and dashboards to leveraging assets and experimentation.

EPISODE 4 - Do You Have the Right Talent?

In this episode of CEO Brain Food, Michael breaks down the importance of finding the right talent to grow and scale an organization. Michael references the great Jim Collins’ six core competencies of hiring a team. These include hiring talent who are responsible, consistent, and do not require micro-management. Michael also introduces the concept of mirror maturity and urges all organizations to develop their own set of core values in order to identify and retain the right talent.

EPISODE 3 - Authentic Leadership

In this episode of CEO Brain Food, Michael breaks down the importance of authentic leadership within organizations. Michael provides specific examples of both current and historic authentic leaders, including Lee Iacocca, Tony Hsieh, and Bill George. Michael lists the nine key factors of authentic leadership, from clearing out unethical behavior to the importance of following your passion. Finally, Michael speaks to the value of mentorship, and encourages the audience to both seek out and act as a mentor at some point in life.

EPISODE 2 - What is Competitive Advantage?

In this episode of CEO Brain Food, Michael breaks down the importance of identifying the core competency within an organization in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Through historical case studies from Southwest Airlines and L’Oréal, Michael highlights how organizations leverage their differentiation in order to profit. Finally, Michael speaks to the importance of identifying and understanding the core customer and provides organizations with questions to reflect on as they begin the process of identifying their core competency.  

Episode 1 - The War For Talent

Welcome to CEO Brain Food, a show that provides key insights, fresh perspectives, and proven tools that CEOs can apply to build enterprise value, generate higher profits and develop the talent needed to succeed in their businesses. In this episode, host Michael Langhout stresses the importance of hiring high-quality employees that align with sound company culture. Michael provides specific methodologies he utilizes for talent assessment as well as strategies to improve employee education. Finally, Michael provides three key resources for listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving war for talent.

Welcome to CEO Brainfood

In this introductory episode, business growth coach, founder, CEO, and host of CEO BrainFood welcomes his podcast producer, Harry Duran. Together they discuss the impetus behind the creation of the podcast. Michael covers some of his background and training and discusses what led him to create the show.

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