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Langhout International is the business growth advisory firm founded by Michael Langhout in 2001. We work in partnership with CEOs, boards and leadership teams to help businesses all over the world experience exponential growth by transforming company culture and developing strategies in alignment with with their goals and values. If you are looking for someone to come in for a few days, perform a complicated analysis of your issues and hand you a 100 page report with vague "next steps," look elsewhere. We're not interested in that. Instead, we help CEOs to discover the hidden potential in their organization, and leverage that potential for maximum growth. 

Our Growth Coaching Process Model

People & Culture

Building high performance teams by aligning your group with the company's core purpose and values, and nurturing a culture of trust and accountability. 

Strategic Thinking

Helping you discover your unique "X Factor", creating growth roadmaps and outthinking the competition, allowing you to lead your team to higher multiples of cash flow, profitability, and valuations. 

Execution Planning

Flawlessly executing your strategy by setting stretch goals for your team, measuring progress, and fostering a culture of accountability and effective communication.

Cash Management

Ensuring you have the funds necessary for growth by finding hidden sources of cash, understanding the '4 Forces of Cash Flow, and preventing aggressive growth from sucking your scarce resources. 

Michael Langhout

Michael Langhout is an accomplished executive with more than 30 years of professional experience helping mid-market companies grow in a diverse range of industries. His time spent in Medical Technology, Healthcare Services, and Paper and Packaging Manufactured Engineering have given him a unique perspective on what defines truly great companies.

Before launching Langhout International, Michael served as CEO and co-founder of Silere Medical Technology, Inc., a medical technology company developing an electrical neurostimulation therapy for treatment of neurosensory disorders. Now he puts his diverse background, strategic leadership and management experience to work to help leaders all over the world grow remarkable companies. 



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