Simply put, we help companies grow. Langhout International provides business coaching and learning that inspires great leadership and equips CEO’s to clarify their purpose, strengthen and align their teams and, grow their companies. 

Many CEO's are frustrated with lack of accountability, sluggish growth, and low profitability.  Their employees, and leaders, want to love to come to work, to express their ideas and be heard, and contribute to the success of the organization.  Unfortunately many don't. 

Our customized growth plans help leaders build companies with purpose and direction, with strong teams working together, accountable to common goals.  Companies with fulfilled employees performing to their best potential. Companies that grow.







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Our Services

Whether we're helping CEOs and their leadership teams develop effective growth strategies, meeting with selected leaders in One-on-One Coaching sessions, developing leadership skills in a team environment, or leading groups of CEO's and Senior Teams through our Roundtables, everything we do serves one goal: to help our clients grow remarkable companies. 

Every client engagement is unique, and we customize the growth plan to fit the needs of our clients.  Our Roadmap to Exponential Growth helps clients and coach keep our planning sessions on track and productive.  Our main objective is to be effective, and that means growth of 20% per year or greater, with high levels of growth in cash flow and profitability.


CEO's and Senior Team Leaders of emerging growth enterprises meet quarterly in group Roundtable sessions.  Each Roundtable is facilitated by a Certified coach who strives to inspire strategic thinking, create an execution plan, and provide business growth opportunities for members,

Growth Coaching

Monthly or quarterly customized Business Growth Coaching sessions facilitated with CEO's and Senior Leadership Teams, utilizing the Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches One Page Strategic Plan as a template, along with the 4D Framework of Scaling a Business.  All sessions facilitated by a Certified Coach.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching in one-on-one monthly individual or team sessions that target the underlying motivations driving behavior, and create strategies for changing behavior driving for growth in a leadership development track.  A Certified Executive Coach facilitates each session.


Michael Langhout

Langhout International is the business growth advisory firm founded by Michael Langhout in 2001. Michael is an accomplished executive with more than 30 years of professional experience helping mid-market companies grow in a diverse range of industries. He has founded or led 5 companies in 3 market verticals, including Medical Technology, Healthcare Services, and Paper and Packaging, providing him with with an excellent background of cultural leadership, team function, strategy, and execution. 

Before launching Langhout International, Michael served as CEO and co-founder of Silere Medical Technology, Inc., a medical technology company developing an electrical neurostimulation therapy for treatment of neurosensory disorders. Now he puts his diverse background, strategic leadership and management experience to work by helping leaders all over the world grow remarkable companies. View Bio.


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