Get in the growth Game


Discover the power of the 10 Rockefeller Habits, the Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches 4D Framework, planning principles from the Great Game of Business, and much more in a Peer to Peer learning format.

Overcome the biggest challenges you face as an entrepreneur owner leading and managing your own business.

The Get in the Growth Game Roundtable series of quarterly workshops has been designed for CEO's and their Senior Teams who are leading companies to meet in a private and confidential environment.  Each Roundtable group will have 16 CEO - Founder - Owner participants, along with their leadership teams.   

Your participation in the uniquely crafted quarterly workshop format will assist you and your team as you develop the One Page Strategic Plan, described in detail in 'Scaling UP, How a Few Companies Make It, and Why the Rest Don't' by Verne Harnish'.  The workshops will provide you and your team with tools and knowledge to grow your company in four key areas:

1.  Strategy - How to simply define and articulate your strategy so that everyone can understand it, repeat it to others, and get aligned,  synchronized and mobilized around it.

2.  Cash - How to ensure there is always enough cash on hand to grow without selling equity or acquiring expensive debt.

3.  People - How to attract, hire and retain the very best people, the 'A' players that will help you grow exponentially.

4.  Execution -  How to get the right people doing the right things correctly ... without the drama.

Coaching and assistance is provided within the RoundTable to support implementation of these concepts.  

Please feel free to download, complete, and submit the Get in the Growth Game Roundtable Membership Agreement to