EPISODE 7 - Scalable Leadership

Executive Summary

Welcome to CEO Brain Food, a show aimed at providing key insights, fresh perspectives, and proven tools that CEOs can apply to build enterprise value, generate higher profits and develop the talent needed to succeed in their businesses.

In this episode of CEO Brain Food, Michael broaches the topic of building and scaling leadership within organizations. Michael provides steps for scaling leadership that include performing a talent assessment and presenting a clear and articulate perspective of strategy, among others. He speaks to the importance of a strong leadership development process that is centered on alignment, execution and renewal. Finally, Michael identifies the attributes that comprise a great leader and challenges the audience to continuously improve and hone their own leadership skills.

Episode Highlights

01:12 – Introducing today’s topic, How Do You Scale Leadership

03:43 – Michael recalls a leader he met early in his career

08:18 – The value Michael places on humility

09:55 – Michael speaks to a recent article he read from Harvard Business Review

11:00 – The Simon Sinek Video

13:47 – Leadership is a choice

14:23 – What makes a great leader

15:04 – Defining leadership through alignment, execution, and renewal

15:55 – Leading through behaviors

18:42 – Michael provides steps for scaling leadership

18:49 – Step One: Perform a talent assessment

20:25 – Step Two: Present a clearly articulated perspective of strategy

21:12 – Step Three: Identifying who needs to be involved and actively engaged in the leadership program

21:38 – Step Four: Ensure all systems that are in place support the change effort you’re looking to make

21:57 – The Great Game of Business

23:06 – Michael leaves the audience with some questions to reflect on

23:34 – Michael teases the topic of the next episode of CEO Brain Food

Tweetable Quotes

“What got ya here won’t get ya there.” (01:31)

“It’s not the leader’s job to be friends, but it’s the leader’s job to understand the comings and goings of his or her people that are reporting to them and to lead them.” (06:37)

“It starts at the top. Poor leadership creates a very toxic culture. The good news is great leaders can have a positive influence on outcomes, especially in a shifting strategic environment.” (08:57)

“Leadership is a choice, not a rank.” (13:47)

“Behavioral accountability precedes results.” (16:03)

“Most companies do not articulate their strategy and do not teach their strategy to their people. Their strategy is something that is held in the minds and hearts of the CEO and leadership team. And even then it can be confusing.” (20:44)

“Leadership is like swimming. You cannot learn it from books. Ultimately, you must get in the water.” (23:00)

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