Culture as a Competitive Advantage


What is your company’s culture?  How would you describe it?  Are you able to say that everyone in your company understands what you mean by culture?  Are they completely aligned with it?  Do you communicate it during your recruiting, interviewing, hiring, on-boarding and training of all employees?

Do you think your culture is healthy?  Are you using your culture as a competitive weapon, a strategic differentiator?  Is it designed to deliver a WOW customer experience?  Does it define your company as remarkable?

Are you known in your marketplace as a company with a great culture, or not?  Your culture should attract clients who need what you offer.  The most remarkable companies have cultures that are alive, create a WOW customer experience, and retain those hard to find clients, and they do it intentionally utilizing a healthy culture.  They promote it, communicate it daily, and live it.

Are your actions and behaviors consistent with your core values and core purpose?  Your culture should be evident in your behavior as a CEO, but also incorporated into your messaging, imaging, employee behavior, and brand promise.  It should permeate everything you do and stand for as a company.

A living culture can be a major differentiator setting your company apart from the others in your marketplace competing for customers.

Does your culture attract top talent, those employees who are both highly aligned with your purpose and core values, but also highly productive in their jobs, and promotable?

Finding top talent that fit that definition is not easy, but the alternative is certain failure.  Find them, hire them, compensate them, and they will make major contributions to your organization.

When recruiting and interviewing, are you bringing culture to the forefront of discussions.  After hiring, and during on-boarding and training, placing emphasis on your purpose and core values will pay dividends over time.  You will have a much higher rate of retention, productivity, and overall happiness from employees to the degree by which you demonstrate and promote your culture.

I would like to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to connect and we can discuss how to create a high performing culture you would be proud of.