Customer Experience

Customer Experience Defines Your Brand

Good leaders understand that an inspirational Vision, supported by enduring Core Values, with Goals that are in alignment with the current mission are all critical factors in a successful organization. They understand why they do what they do, and are clear about their purpose.

It's Not About the Fish. A Unique Customer Experience at Seattle's Pike Place Market

One of my favorite fresh food stands in Seattle is The Pike Place Fish Market just West of Downtown.  I love to stand and watch as customers begin to experience their offerings from the salt waters of Puget Sound, brought in fresh each day from the last original hunters and gatherers, the fishing fleet based in nearby Ballard.

The seafood is displayed carefully with great pride on ice.  Anyone who has been there remembers the colorful display of salmon, crab, shrimp, other finfish and bottom fish, and lots of Oysters.  If you wish to ship your prized purchase home, the Fish Market Guys will carefully wrap your 'catch', pack it in dry ice, and send it to your destination. 

Win by Obsessing Over the Customer

Remember the Trojan Horse?  This military strategy used by the Greeks won for them a long running battle with Troy.  The Greeks loaded a wooden horse with troops secretly placed inside, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy while the Greeks pretended to sail away in defeat. At night, the Greek soldiers came out of their hiding place, and opened the gates of Troy for the rest of the Greek army who had sailed back during the night. The Greeks decisively ended the 10 year war with Troy with a surprise strategy that was both innovative and disruptive.

Obsess Over Your Customer, and WIN!

In a recent Peer to Peer discussion with some CEO’s, most were defensive on the topic of how to deliver an outstanding customer experience. They mostly felt that their employees were always focused on the customer. One CEO said his company has data showing their consistent delivery of full customer satisfaction through customer surveys reflecting on time deliveries, rapid response rates on corrective actions, on time billing, and so forth.

Create Raving Fans via CX Mapping

Leaders in the New Economy must orient their companies to identify all customer touch points in every work category within their organizations, creating innovative processes which MAP to the customer experience. Then, each mapped process must be tested refined and improved before formal implementation. Enduring companies today have the Customer Experience at the core of what they do, and have customer experience mapping processes in place to prove it.